In Memory of: Richard Brooker

In Memory of:
Richard Brooker
(1954 - 2013)

With few exceptions like Robert England as Freddy, the horror community has grown accustomed to multiple actors playing the role of their beloved masked madman.  From Nick Castle to Tyler Mane as Michael Myers and Gunnar Hansen to Dan Yeager as Leatherface, Jason Voorhees is no exception.  The iconic Jason that we all know now - isn’t how Parts 1 & 2 showcase the killer's best facial assets.  Part 3 brought THE MASK, a hockey mask to be more specific. 

This would transform a franchise brand and most likely increased youth participation in hockey in the United States.  The man to first wear the mask was Mr. Richard Brooker who at the age of 58 past away Monday April 8th, 2013.  Mr. Brooker was always a fan favorite at the countless conventions he attended over the years and was even slated for multiple shows in 2013. 

The cause of his death at the time of this post is unknown, however what is known is the important role and “look” this man gave to the Horror community. 

Rest in Peace Richard
See you on the other side
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