Gem City 2013 Review

March 23 & 24 2013
Wright State University
Nutter Center

It was a rare warm spring day for the annual Dayton Gem City Comicon, and the guest list was special as well.  Legends Joe Staton and Howard Chaykin were there, Artist/Writer William Messner Loebs along with Hack/Slash artist Tim Seeley as well as the creator of Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai.  Also in attendance was Darryl Banks, of Green Lantern fame, as well as Superman and Archie writer/artist Craig Boldman and Dennis Calero, who is doing a great job over at Dynamite comics with his work on the Shadow as well as Masks.  Joe Corroney attended with a great deal of his Star Trek and Star Wars art.  Angel Medina was there, as well as Greg Horn and his outstanding paintings and posters.  Uko Smith, Scott DM Simmons, and Sean Forney were also there, and many others.

The event was held on the arena floor of the Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University.  There were panels involving comics and education as well as comic instruction on the third floor of the facility.  Among those I attended was one with Mark Waid about using Kingdom Come and other works in comics to teach religion, morality, politics, and roles in society, as well as a discussion of gender and comics.  Both were part of a CAPE program, which is a group that encourages the use of comics in education and seeks to foster awareness and partnerships between comics and education.

The floorspace was excellent as most of the aisles were fairly wide.  I thought the Magic tournament was a bit too widely spaced, and those of us in the general public could have used some of the chairs.  Other than that, the arrangement was pretty standard.  Dealers for the most part on one end, and creators on the other.  It was a good experience, even being limited by some health issues.  There was not much of a wait to speak with any creator, and prices for things seemed fairly reasonable. 

It was fascinating listen to William Messner Loebs talk about the ins and outs of the DC editorial office, including working with Archie Goodwin, or Howard Chaykin talking about being banned in Canada, or Darryl Banks talking about how the Lantern logo on Kyle Rayner's uniform signifies the brightest day and blackest night part of the oath.  There were a lot of stories to be heard and actually a lot of time to hear them, as the crowd was good for the day I was there, but it was an orderly group.

Another outstanding job by the Nobles in putting together a top notch show!
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