Akron Comicon 2012

Great Start to a New Annual Tradition
November 10, 2012

The Boogeyman himself and I went up to Akron with some degree of trepidation and fear.  In the spring, another comic con had advertised comics legend Gerry Conway was going to be in attendance, along with John Ostrander and others.  Hardly any of those guests showed up.  It was pretty much a wasted trip for me, and felt like a scam.  So, when I saw that AkronComiCon was having Conway, and used the same graphic as the con artist, I was worried.  However, wanting to hang with cousin Boogeyman and the other guests were too much to resist.  So, we loaded up the ole Silver Bullet and headed up north to Akron and Akron University.

The location for the con was excellent.  Although, I would have liked for more signage telling us what floor of the student union we were supposed to be on.  Using our intuition and a bit of the Force, we made it and picked up our press passes.  The layout of the room, overall, was excellent.  The aisles were wide and allowed excellent flow of traffic.  The guests were for the most part sequestered in one side fo the room, although Norm Breyfogle and Darryl Banks and Marc Sumerak were not all in the same area as the other guests.  The highlight guest of the show was Gerry Conway, legendary Marvel and DC writer, he who is nkown for killing Gwen Stacy, creating the Punisher, and having a great run on the Justice League of America.  What a classic gentleman witha  fantastic memory and attention to detail.  I really enjoyed getting a chance to talk to him.  Mike W. Barr was another treat, as was legend Joe Staton.  Even though I didn't have anything for him to sign, David Michael Beck was a great guest as well.

The dealers tables, for once, were mostly comic books, as opposed to the going trend of having mostly gadgets or paraphenalia of stuff.  I wish I wasn't on such a tight budget for the weekend.  The panels and events ran smoothly, and the traffic flow from lines to getting into the convention was excellent.  Organizers Mike Savene and Robert Jenkins did an outstanding job getting the word out, as well as taking care of attendees and guests.  Like my old sci fi club back in the day, Mike and Robert put volunetters at guest tables to get them lunch, water, and see to minding their area during bathroom breaks and panels.  This is a great thing to do, and I would suggest maybe getting some of the local fan clubs of different genres to help out, though it looks like they have an impressive staff already.  Mike was constantly moving around the con area, chatting up guests, getting suggestions, and asking where people were from and how they were enjoying the show.  It reminded me alot of the job Andrew does in Cincinnati!

There were a number of local artists showcasing their talent.  The Boogeyman scored an impressive sketch of Michael Myers by Todd Beistel you can see in the photo gallery from this convention.  He also scored a sketch from Alan Sharp of Vision, Hourman, and Doctor Fate.  I also commissioned Mr. Sharp, and he did an excellent job of putting Captain America, Hawkman, and Doctor Mid-Nite together in one sketch and a fantastic rendering of modern Thor in another.  There were several great causes, including the Siegel and Schuster society, and many great guests like Norm Breyfogle, Mike W. Barr, Tony Isabella, Mark Sumerak, Beck, Conway, the HERO initiative, Darryl Banks, Joe Staton, Sean Forney, and many others.

I would suggest you go to and follow them on facebook and get ready for next year.  The first show was tremendous for an premiere outing, and I am excited to see what Savene and Jenkins and Co. have in store for us next year.  I give this convention 4 out of 5 Shields, and say it is one to follow and go to regularly.  It is truly about the genre and about the fans.

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  4 out of 5 Shields

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