Husk (2011)

Husk (2011)   Director: Brett Simmons


After an unfortunate incident involving a group of five friends traveling through the country side and a band of disoriented crows the group finds themselves looking for help before sunset.  The story starts off with the one of the members missing just moments after the crash.  The only witness to the crime is a resurrected scarecrow overlooking the crops.  The others then take turns combing the corn maze until they finally uncover a dilapidated farm house it what seems to be in the middle of nowhere.  As fear starts to set in each member begins seeing what appears to be the image of a young man and a supernatural protector of the corn.  Will they fall victim to another harvest or will they be able to find help and end this mystery once and for all.


With Halloween right around the corner and fall settling in here in the Midwest – what better way to ring in the new season with a relatively new Scarecrow movie.  Even though the idea of creepy Scarecrows isn’t new to the genre the execution has been at best below par with the exception of J.D. Feigelson’s Dark Night of the Scarecrow and the Jeepers Creepers' franchise.  This film was directed and written by Brett Simmons and since he is someone whose work I was not familiar with I decided to give the film a try.  From the beginning of the film I noticed subtle difference between his style the countless other corn/scarecrow films – this was actually well written and the overall feel of the film was professional for lack of a better word.  The story behind the mask (sorry Leslie Vernon) was not only interesting but unfolded in a manner that kept me intrigued the whole time.  The main “villain” was sadistic and would gain the respect of any seasoned horror fan.  The acting was decent but it was the overall atmosphere that made this movie.  I can’t wait to check out Brett Simmons’ future endeavors. Since the time is now to start watching these fall films, I would highly suggest picking up a copy of this film and give it a shot.   

Bloody Buckeye Rating:

3 out of 5
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