VERSUS 1 & 2 of 6 (2012)

VERSUS 1 of 6 (2012)
Writers:  Jason Aaron, Kathryn Immonen
Pencils:  Adam Kubert, Stuart Immonen
Inks and colors: Morry Hollowell, Wade Von Grawbadger, Jim Charalampidis

Oy Vey…More Ridiculous ADHD Marketing Ploys….

From the front page of the book:
Q: What is this book?  A:  It’s Vs. #1!  The Fightingest book you’ve ever read, where we take fights from A vs. X and expand them into all out smash ups!

My Take:  Q:  What is this book?  A:  Aside from the great artwork and plotting of the fights and good dialogue, it is a MASSIVE INSULT TO OUR INTELLIGENCE with the stupid video game, pop up video style snark in the fun fact boxes and in declaring a winner!

The Good:
In this first issue, we have two very interesting battles:  Magneto vs. Iron Man and The Thing vs. Namor the Sub-Mariner.  First, we have the Master of Magnetism vs. Iron Man.  There are some really great internal dialogue moments from this battle, especially as it relates to the two opponents thinking and counter moving each other.  Kubert’s artwork, as usual is stunning.  The first battle even has some foreshadowing of the appearance of a certain witch/mutant who will be key to the story.  The second battle in this book is a classic grudge match between long time adversaries the Thing and the Sub-Mariner.  It is chockfull of powerful smash up blows and Namor letting loose with his self-righteous mouth.  And, we see that the Thing indeed bleeds red.  We get some classic
Yancy Street
smacktalk from Ben Grimm and some great underwater action.

The Bad:
What drags this book down from being a really great supplement highlighting key battles of an event series, for me, are the stupid Fun Fact boxes.  That, and the stupid new FF uniforms the Thing is wearing.  But seriously, do we need all the snark?  I thought this event was supposed to be serious…to transform the Marvel universe or reignite the mutant race or something?  The artwork and actual script of the scenes is good.  But, if you insult the readers’ intelligence with such stupid little quips as : “Braces can cost $6,000!  Sea monsters cost extra.”  Just plain stupid.

Bottom Line: 
If you are keeping up with this money making scheme, then it would be good to check out the extended battle sequences.  I would advise just buying Avs.X and this book and leave the rest of the attempted heisting of your dollars for Marvel to eat.  However, the idiotic “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” feel takes a lot away from what could have been.

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  1 out of 5 Shields

VERSUS #2 of 6 (2012)
Writers: Steve McNiven, Kieron Gillen
Pencils: Steve McNiven, Salvador Larroca
Inks and Colors: John Dell, Morry Hollowell, Jim Charalampidis

Gee, Isn’t this supposed to be called the NBC Sports Channel Now? 
Oh Wait, This is More Marvel Trying to Steal Your Cash!

OK, again, this book is taking battles from A vs. X and turning them into full length fights, complete with dialogue, and what the writers call Fun Facts, which I call INSULTS TO THE READERS’ INTELLIGENCE, for the most part.  In this issue, we get Captain America vs. Gambit and Spider-man vs. Colossusnaut, or Juggerssus, or Colossus with Juggie’s helmet.  Whatever…

The Good:
Once again, Captain America takes out a vastly overhyped, one dimensional character in Gambit.  First, Cyclops tried and failed.  Now, the idiotic Cajun tries to take on the Living Legend.  And, while Gambit makes some smart ass quips and manages to rip up Cap’s uniform, Cap pretty much overpowers and knocks Gambit cold while still having an intense conversation with Iron Man AND coordinating the search for the spoiled brat, Hope Summers.  Cap wins decisively.  As he should.  In battle two, Spidey takes on Colossus, or is it Juggernaut, or Juggerssus, or Colossunaut?  Seriously, this stupid amalgamation of the Juggernaut and Colossus is weak!  What, Peter wasn’t impervious enough as a being of living metal?  Anyway, the overpowered Spidey fights valiantly, with his trademark banter getting Colossonaut ticked off and over the edge.  They call Colossonaut the winner even though the Spider doesn’t go down.

The Bad: 
Again, the amalgamation of Colossus and Juggernaut.  Not only does Colossus look stupid with Juggie’s helmet on, he obviously took a few hits to the IQ.  And, why waste Cap’s time on a sideshow dork like Gambit?  Let’s get to the heart of the matter and have Cap whoop Cyclops’ ass once and for all, then turn to Wolverine and say, you can carve up the rest for supper…..The fun facts continue to be idiotic. 

Bottom Line:
If you are keeping up with A vs. X, then getting this book will not be that bad for you, especially if you want detailed battles.  The artwork is decent, but the whole premise is silly.  Especially the videogame-esque fun facts and the judging of the winner.  Ugh.
New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  2 out of 5 Shields
but just because Cap kicks Ass!
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