The New Avengers #25 (2012)

The New Avengers #25 (2012)
Writer:  B. M. Bendis
Art:  Mike Deodato and Will Conrad
Color Art:Rain Beredo

Really?  K’un Lun and Phoenix?  Seriously?

In their never-ending attempt to get your money for nothing, Marvel decides to tie Iron Fist to the Phoenix saga.  For some reason, the Phoenix is now related to the Iron Fist mythos and visions the rulers of K’un Lun have had regarding a red head and the Phoenix force’s destruction.  OK….right…..

The Good:
The artwork is nice.  Seeing some of the history of the Iron Fist mythos is ok.  That’s about it.

The Bad:
Where to begin?  I mean seriously, in their quest to try to justify having every book involved with Phoenix so you have to waste your money, this is a bit of a stretch. 

Bottom Line:
Waste of time and money.

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  0 out of 5 Shields
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