The Invincible Iron Man #516

The Invincible Iron Man #516 
  Writer: Matt Fraction
  Artist:  Salvador Larroca
  Color Art:  Frank D'Armata

Here We Go Again:  Tony Quits!

So, apparently, Iron Man's enemies figured it would be a great time to team up.  Mandarin, Son of Stane, and Daughter of Justin Hammer join forces and fool the government and the world into believing Tony Stark shouldn't be Iron Man.  So, now the government can shut off Tony's armor, which by the way, is now part of him and he can make it come out like the Venom Symbiote, whenever they want.  Tony also hs taken a drink, and has been sober for 21 days.  Oh boy....haven't seen this before....

The Good:
Not much.  The art is good.  The whole Spymaster reveal is interesting.  The relationship between the allied villains is tenuous at best.

The Bad:
Again, this is nothing new.  Oh, except now it is James Rhodes faking his death instead of Tony Stark.  Apparently, Matt Fraction went to the Ed Brubaker Marvel school on "creative" writing:  just rip off stories others told and update them a little.  We have seen Tony's foes band together in the past"  Armor Wars, etc..  We have seen Tony take drinks.  We have seen Tony quit being Iron Man.  Yawn.  And Detroit Steel?  Stupid name, stupid group.  The Marvel architects seem to just be building a house of recycled tripe, rather than a house of ideas.

Bottom Line:
Long Way Down is just going to be another waste of time.  Like in the build-up to the Cap movie, we need to tick people off to generate a buzz around Iron Man quitting, and then, just before the movie hits, Tony Stark will come back and make everyone happy.  This formula is an insult to most readers' intelligences, and is typical of Marvel under Alonso and Quesada.  Quesada is not paying homage or giving you what you want, he is pandering and showing you how stupid he thinks you are.

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  0 out of 5 Shields
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