HorrorHound Weekend Columbus - Review

Event:           HorrorHound Weekend
Genre:          Horror
Location:     Columbus, Ohio
Dates:          March 23 - 25

For horror fans here in the Midwest the most common event to attend is that of HorrorHound Weekend.  What once was a bi-annual event held in Indianapolis in the spring and the fall and more recently spread its cheer to Cincinnati - finally reaches the heart of the state Ohio - Columbus.  Armed with a very large guest list, horror hosts, and a sold out vendor area - this event had the foundation to set apart Columbus from the pack.  One unknown variable was the weather and with March showcasing all time temperature highs - the future of this event sure looks promising.


HorrorHound was held in the northern section of Columbus near the Budweiser distribution facility.  Although not centrally located - the area that was chosen was directionally friendly in that it was directly off of I-71.  As for the hotel - the event was held at the Crowne Plaza.  Nestled within a small business district – the hotel boasted tremendous amounts of parking, a lively lounge area, and super friendly staff.  Although I did not stay in the rooms, I didn’t hear any grumblings about the quality -which is normally a hot topic at events.

If you build it they will come.....And come they did - As a veteran of the HH shows - I have never seen this large of a crowd.  Sure Cincinnati and Indianapolis appeared large but that was due to the hotel being way too small, this event however was sure to break attendance marks and the hotel was enormous.  Even Friday and Sunday was packed which is something that is not the norm.


There were a total of 5 films shown, 5 panels, and 5 events.  This amount seems hardly enough for a 3 day event.  Maybe this was due to not enough meeting rooms being available?  I would think a convention of this size should have 1 room dedicated to movies that run 24-7 throughout the event and at least 1 room for panel discussions.  As far as attendance to the panels - packed and long lines - so obviously the topic selection were exactly what the crowds wanted even though only the Halloween one grabbed my attention.  The "events" were sub-par at best based on subject only since I did not attend any of these.  Which leads me to my next and only problem with this HH's convention - why do care about the Horror Hosts - yes I know many of us watched them on tv with their ridiculous costumes - but is it necessary to honor them at every damn show.  In my opinion they are no different than every other cosplayer that attends an event.  Even the areas they were located in resembled a movie seen where 2 retirees play chess and reminisce of yester year while everyone shuffles around them.  So in effort to allow them to maintain their dignity place them in the main vendor room and do not give them a back corner section on the way to the Pam Grier line.


The only thing keeping this event from a perfect score was the lack of panels and film selections.  It would have been great to watch Re-Animator with Stuart Gordon or Repo with Terrance Zdunich.  But overall this show kicked ass and a huge thanks to the HH staff for selecting Columbus as its host for the spring show.  Hopefully in the future we might see Columbus on a regular rotation or even better the host the Mask Fest!

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
4.5 out of 5
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