Captain America and Bucky #628

Captain America and Bucky #628 
  Story:  James Asmus and Ed Brubaker
  Script:  James Asmus
  Artist and Cover: Francesco Francavilla

The End of the Adam III Saga…and the “& Bucky”

Yes, my friends, this installment marks the end of the title as Captain America & Bucky.  But, before you think Marvel is finished focusing on sidekicks, think again.  Next issue, the title will become Captain America & Hawkeye, with some new creative people and everything.  In Marvel’s continued goal to produce as many books with the same characters as possible, Hawkeye joins the “Cap and” team. 

When we left Cap, the Human Torch I, and Fred Davis, things were not looking good.  Adam III had morphed his body into a version of Cap’s with a lot of the physical prowess, making Adam III similar to an adaptoid, I guess.  Adam was going to use sleeper bots he had put into high places in government to lead his new robot army and revolt.  In fact, one of his drones was in charge of the very place where Adam’s remains were kept when he was “dormant.”  So, Cap, the original Human Torch, and Fred Davis, the 2nd Bucky have to find a way to stop this nefarious plot and save the day.  No toaster domination!!!!!

The Good:The story really is picking up, which means Brubaker is not really writing much of it.  Bru just seems to phone in Cap stories he actually writes anymore.  Asmus is making me care about Fred and the departed 2nd Cap.  The Human Torch B story is quite good as well, with the whole Android with feelings thing vs. Fred’s emotions of losing his mentor and friend.  Cap is written very well, with some serious discussion about freedom vs. tyranny.  Also, he gives some nice deadpan humor during his fighting with Adam.  This storyline finishes quite well, with a Cap being his respectful and poignant self.  Also, a character often overlooked gets a nice send-off.

The Bad:Again, I loved Francesco on the Zorro series by Dynamite!  However, his style and coloring on Cap leave much to be desired.  While the theme of the stories was dark, Cap should not be drawn and colored in such plain and stark colors.  This is seen in how he deals with the Torch on overload.  Torch just looks like the X-Ray character from the U-Foes of Fantastic Four fame.  While I love Francesco as an artist and his work on Zorro is masterful, as is his work elsewhere, this was not a very well placed matchup in terms of artist and material.

This storyline and overall this book renewed my faith in Cap and people’s ability to write him.  Asmus’s work was impressive given the blatant ripping off going on over in the main book.  However, this was a nice send off for the name Bucky with the story of the forgotten Bucky, Fred Davis.  A very good story and wrap-up as Cap “Team-Up” goes into covering his partnership with Hawkeye. 

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  4 out of 5 Shields
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