Savage Hawkman (2011) #3

Savage Hawkman #3
  Written by Tony Daniel
  Illustrated by Philip Tan Colors by Sunny Gho

“Razing Cane” but, No Definite Answers Still….”
OK, so Dr. Kane and his NIAS have captured Morphicus and are going to unleash an Extinction virus.  Hawkman is investigating the pod where Morphicus came from.  He discovers a hologram which hints at Morphicus’ origins and dangers, as well as a weakness.  However, it destructs before Hawkman can find out what it is.

Meanwhile Morphicus is being cut up and dissected by Dr. Kane and his assistant Askana.  But, just when you thought Morphicus would be the Darth Maul of this book, his head comes to life as Hawkman invades Dr. Kane’s facility.  Askana attacks Hawkman as Dr. Kane utters the riveting line, “Rid my lab of this Bird man!”  Oooh, she is all Lizard now…wow….ho hum….

We find out by the end of this issue that Hawkman was duped by one of Morphicus’ plagues.  The plague was in the guise of a human who led Hawkman to the lair.  So, all we know now is that Morphicus is a bad dude who can regenerate after vivisection and autopsy, and that he can create plagues, and somehow this has to do with Hawkman and such.

The art is decent, the characters are ok, just what is the deal with the story?  Who is this guy?  Where is the character development?  I hear this book is getting a new creative team…but it is not good…Rob Liefeld, killer of comics.  I have seen his sketch of Savage Hawkman on facebook, and it is typical Liefeld garbage.  Not looking good for Hawkman and about half of the new 52 books, most of which have nothing to do with Batman, Superman, or Lanterns or Amazons.

I would feel a lot better about this book if A)we had some understanding of who this Hawkman is B) see A C) I didn’t know it was going to be killed by Rob Liefeld.

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  1.5 out of 5 Shields
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