Savage Hawkman (2011) #2

Savage Hawkman #2
  Written by Tony S. Daniel
  Illustrated by Phillip Tan Colors by Sunny Go

Who is ths Hawkman and Why Should I Care About Him?

Ok, I know, he is Carter Hall.  But which Carter Hall.  Here we are into issue 2 and I still don’t know which Hawkman this is.  Is it the reincarnated Prince Khufu, who has lived life after life?  Is it Katar Hol, Thanagarian police officer sent to Earth, and remaining here in exile?  Or is it something different?  One thing I do know, I am confused.  Another thing, this book is not half bad.  But not all good.

OK, first, the art.  The painted feel is nice, but at times the action shots just are not as crisp and out there as they should be.  With the paneling and scripting of shots, I feel cheated at times in the action shots.  Overall, despite my apprehension about the new look, Tan makes it look decent, even if I don’t think Hawkman immediately.

Having the Nth metal be some type of symbiote (as it appears to have morphed into) is lame and a jab at Marvel’s venom.  Also, could we learn more about Hawkman and who he really is before we introduce too many other damn characters?  Also, in other areas of ripoff, NIAS HQ looks like the old Avengers tower with Sentry’s thing around it.  Lame.  Who is Dr. Kane?  Why is he unleashing Morphicus?  Who is the bald guy?  AND WHICH DAMN HAWKMAN IS THIS?

Morphicus is an interesting character, but it appears he is only going to be a tool of this Dr. Kane character who likes chicks with lizad deformities, apparently.  I love Hawkman, and will continue to give this book a try, but could we please find out which Hawk this is, and why he was trying to give up being Hawkman?  Sometime?

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  2 out of 5 Shields
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