Captain America (2011) #6

Captain America #6
  Written By Steve Engelhardt…er…Mark Gruenwald…er….Mark Waid…er…Ed Brubaker
  Pencilled by Alan Davis
  Inked by Mark Farmer Colored by Laura Martin

Powerless (to Stop the Ripping Off of 70s Storylines) part 1

OK, so evidently Queen Hydra and Baron Zemo have a plan cooking, and it involves Cap.  Gee, we have never ever ever seen Baron Zemo led on by a female, have we?  Let’s see, Mother Superior, Mother Night, Sin (Mother Superior after being de-aged, then forward-aged, again)…Yep, totally original….Oh yeah, and Cap evidently has Alzheimer’s mixed with PTSD and depowerment….Gee, Cap feeling like he is losing his abilities?  Gosh, wasn’t that the entire run of Cap from 280ish to 305?  Lemme guess what is next: Cap will get his shield stolen by Batroc!  OK, to the nuts and bolts of this ripoff:

Bravo is in custody, but Steve keeps having nightmares of being depowered and needing help.  He goes to his friends, but they can find little wrong.  Hawkeye proposes a night on the town of crimefighting to work things out, especially since it has been a rough time for Cap:  losing Bucky (not really, thanks to idiotic Nick Fury not letting him die die die), becoming Cap again, losing Thor…etc.  So they go out, and their exploits take a detour when there is a riot in town.  Cap recognizes the signs as ….the Madbomb! Yes, we are now blaspheming stories by Kirby!  Once again, Brubaker likes to think he is homaging or that he can tell this story better, but it is lame.  Throw in an appearance by (sigh!) the newly revamped but still blah Serpent Squad led by Cobra, and you get the picture….blah.

The art has improved with Davis coming on.  However, the stories are still recycled and not even retold very well.  I can’t wait til Old Cap ends up battling an Old Wizened Red Skull or Baron Zemo supposedly to the death, only to have Black Crow save and stabilize Cap, whereupon Hank Pym must revitalize the serum to get Cap powered again.  Ugh!  Marvel:  the House of Recycled Idea Built by Lame Arse Architects……

Again, if it eren’t for the fact I love Cap and know even he can survive this tripe, I would give up…but I soldier on….Someone’s gotta save Cap…even if it is just me….

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  1 out of 5 Shields
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