Captain America (2011) #5

Captain America #5
  Written by Steve Englehardt, er…Ed Brubaker
  Pencilled by Steve McNiven with Giuseppe Camuncoli
  Inked by jay Leisen with Matteo Buffagni 

  Colored by Justin Ponsor and Laura Martin

American Dreamers Conclusion, 

Or…Let’s Revisit Every Past Cap Theme…

OK, could we keep Captain America in his own reality, for heaven’s sake?  Over the last five years, he has been dead at least twice, forced to live through his entire life again while world thought him gone, and drafted to lead SHIELD and the Secret Avengers when all along his true destiny was and is as Captain America.  Sheesh.  Get him out of Dreamworld.

Agent Bravo comes off as the typical whiner who lost the girl and had to settle for 2nd place in everything.  All he can do is pry at Cap’s patriotism…and guess what?  It works.  We are once again going to see Cap question his allegiance and faith in America…..for the what, ten billionth time?  These liberals who write this crap really gnaw on me.  For heaven’s sake, Cap believes in the Dream, and the dream never loses face.  It is us who do not live up to the Dream.  So, in yet another tired recycled storyline, Cap is going to lose his faith (Shattered Heroes garbage tie in), and as a result lose his “powers.”

You know, it is great to see Hydra again.  It is nice to see a female head of Hydra.  Good to see Fury and Carter and Falc again.  However, could we write our own stories and quit ripping off the 60s and 70s and 80s Cap runs?  I almost expected to find Bucky/Cap tied to a chimneytop when Steve came back to be Cap.  It is so lame.  It isn’t homage, it is parody how crappy it is.

Ed Brubaker, you are a creative guy.  I’ve looked over Fatale and Criminal.  That’s good stuff.  Quit phoning it in on Cap, or give it to someone who can do something.  What’s next, Cap puts on the Nomad Uniform again?  Garbage!  Captain America deserves better than poorly done recycled story lines from the 70s.  Ameridroid?  Cap giving up on America?  Depowered?  How many times has that been done just in the last 15 years?  If he has to come up with Nomad armor, I may just give up entirely….

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  1.5 out of 5 Shields
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