Captain America (2011) #4

Captain America #4
  Written by:  Steve Englehardt, er…I mean Ed Brubaker
  Pencilled by Steve McNiven
  Inked by Jay Leisten Colored by Justin Ponsor

Cap’s Adventures in DreamLand Continue….Yawn…

Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America has got to be one of the MOST OVERRATED runs in comic history.  While I do agree that Bru is a phenomenal writer, the notion of calling most of his Cap stories original is like calling Milli Vanilli’s work groundbreaking.  Most of Brubaker’s writing on Cap has been stolen from the run of Steve Englehardt in the 1970s.  This can be seen in recent issues…I mean, seriously….the Ameridroid?  Come on now.

While I am glad to see HYDRA back as a major player, do we have to have a Dream Queen as Madame Hydra?  Then, this Codename Bravo character as the jilted American.  More copying from other eras.  Anyone remember Protocide?  Give me a break.  During the Bucky/Cap Run, I expected to find Steve finding BuckyCap tied to a chimney on a rooftop ala the Engelhardt Roscoe Cap.  This story, however, did not totally suck.

Bravo has Cap in his dream world, where we see that Bravo can control and shape it.  Meanwhile, Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, and the Falcon are trying to locate the ancient Jimmy Jupiter, whom HYDRA is using in a world plot.  Bravo is bent on breaking Cap’s spirit….hmmm….gosh, this sounds like the Zemo/Skull plot of the 1970s and 80s.  Again, unoriginal.

Also, can we give Cap some credit?  The guy is supposed to be a brilliant tactician and strategist, not to mention having a didactic memory practically.  I am sick and tired of seeing the lead character and the most resourceful character in the universe being treated like Johnny Thunder, as some naïve rube.  The guy was in World War II.  He has fought the best and beat them.  Could we quit having him be rescued by others and do some rescuing of his own, please?

Cap is lulled from illusions of future paradise to future destitution, and fighting against Bravo all the way.  As I review part four of this six part yarn, all I am fighting is boredom.  But, at least it is the ONE TRUE CAPTAIN AMERICA, STEVE ROGERS.  The art is passable, making the story semi-tolerable.  However, I do miss the genius of Butch Guice.

At the end of this issue, we are teased that in issue 6, we are going to see a dark secret Cap has been keeping.  Gee, could it be something to do with his abilities or the Super Soldier Serum?  This would be in line with Bru’s continued ripping off of others’ work.  I think the Brubaker era needs to end, along with this farce of calling benign plagiarism homage or a love letter to the fans.  The only one ruining more characters and legacy is Bendis.  Hopefully Brubaker will get a break from his other work and actually put some original effort into Cap that doesn’t include Commie assassins or the work of Steve Engelhardt.

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  1.5 out of 5 Shields
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