Avengers: X-Sanction (2011) #1

Avengers: X-Sanction (2011) #1
  Written by Jeph Loeb
  Pencilled by Ed McGuiness
  Inked by Dexter Vines and Colored by Morry Hollowell

Oh Crap, the Prelude to the Idiotic Event of the Summer:  
Avengers Vs. X-Men…

This book is crap.  The premise is crap.  The Avengers are responding to a jailbreak of super villains.  As they go along, they are defeated one by one by a not so myserious figure with metal arms and a shiny eye.  First is the Falcon.  Then comes Captain America.  It seems the Avengers are the bad guys now or something.  Puke!

Cable has got to be one of the worst heroes in the history of comics, and vastly overrated.  This is why Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee should be banned from comics.  They gave us garbage like this!  OOOH, you are such a badass, with all your metal.  No, not really.  You are the supposed son of two of the most powerful mutants in the universe and all you have is teleportation and metal arms and halfway decent aim?  Sucktastic!

There is no way in hell that Cable could take down Impossible Man, much less the Falcon.  And Captain America?  Cap would have him hog tied and screaming for his momma before Cable’s stupid little talking computer could say Aksani son or whatever the hell Cable is.

I usually like Jeph Loeb.  I think maybe he drew the short straw for having to write such a crappy plot that had to have come from a moron like Bendis or Quesada.  At least I bought the blank variant sketch cover so I can have someone doodle on it so I can care about it, so it will be worth the money I wasted buying it.

The art is passable, but with crappy plotting like this, and making Cable out to be Chuck Norris, not happening.  Don’t waste your time….send Cable back to the dark ages of the worst of comics in the 1990s….where his stupid butt belongs.

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  0 out of 5 Shields
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