Slashers Gone Wild (2011)

Slashers Gone Wild (2011)  
  Director: Rob Avery
  Writer: Rob Avery (screenplay)
  Stars:  Andrea Anderson, Tiffany Apan and Rob Avery


It’s that time of the year again - Slasher of the Year contest presented by Slasher Inc.  All you need to do is send them your brief video explaining why you believe you are the best.  The winner is determined by Slasher Inc.'s CEO Alicia, with input from the employer of the year - Rob the Slasher.  This year’s contestants include - Nursery Rhyme Jack, an Ed Gein inspired huntsman determined to teach the art of culinary, Lunatic Rob and the Murder Twins - a trio of killers who entice the crowds with their over the top everyone wins Truth or Dare game show and Kevin Tooler, an immortal slasher with the ability to create and summon zombie demons to do his dirty work. Who will win?


This independent movie comes from a group of DVDs recently purchased at my local Half Priced Books – my go to source during the convention off season.  When I purchased the movie I was delighted to see it was released in 2011 – but unfortunately it doesn’t take long once the movie starts to realize this movie must have been either re-released or finally published.  IMDB lists this film as a flick from 2006, that date will make more sense to the viewer.  As a fan of Indy films – I thoroughly enjoyed this over the top gore inspired comedic slasher film.  The most original part of the movie was that it was from start to finish taken from the killer’s perspective.   There was a portion of the film that deals with a news reporting hacking into the web server and trying to create the news story – these parts were a waste of time and should have been left off in the 5 years it took to release the film.

Some memorable scenes include a cooking lesson how to fry brains correctly and my favorite character Rob the Slasher mini-shows.  According to the credits SGW will have a sequel and I hope that director Rob Avery – focuses on either next year’s contest or soley on Rob the Slasher and his comedic side and venture away from the whole confusing demonic/zombie/ex-victim/bi-polar Kevin Toller character.  The Toller storyline was too predictable and forced and at no point did it feel like it belonged in the movie.  I think Avery would have been more successful sticking to the contest and away from trying to tie characters into one another.  The dvd itself was loaded with tons of trailers, features, behind the scenes, and hidden eggs.   Overall, I would recommend this movie to Indy fans out there – for its comedy style take on a Slasher of the Year contest, for non-Indy fans I would not recommend this movie – because if viewed from a horror perspective this movie will leave you extremely disappointed.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
2 out of 5
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