The Devil Inside (2012)

The Devil Inside (2012)
  Director: William Brent Bell
  Writers: William Brent Bell, Matthew Peterman

Three people are dead and I killed them. 

During the attempted exorcism of Maria Rossi – 3 clergy members are left dead and the sole survivor was the victim herself – Maria.  After being bounced around within the United States – based on the Vatican’s request Maria finally comes to rest at a mental hospital in Rome, Italy.  Fast forward twenty years and Maria’s daughter Isabella is on a path to determine what exactly happened that dark night.   With the help of a documentary film producer Michael Schaefer  - the pair head to Italy to uncover the true demons.  The answer they find will change their lives forever.

Why is it that horror websites always bitch and complain about not enough horror movies in the theaters and whenever we get a solid one they slam it?  Fans of the Fright Night remake and the artsy-ness of Let the Right One In need to keep their opinions to themselves.  This movie is the best exorcism movie to be made since The Exorcist (1973)..period..end of debate.  For all of you out there that "hated the ending" or "it ruined the movie" - God forbid that you would have to think or better yet - not have closure.  In a time where the industry rarely puts out anything that isn't a shitty remake - we as horror fans should embrace  and praise a film of this stature.   Although I am usually not a fan of the "documentary" style - William Brent Bell did a phenomenal job with the story set-up, editing, and realistic effects.  There has never been a movie that can even attempt to replicate the realism that the actresses portrayed while being exorcised.  Suzan Crowley’s performance as Maria Rossi was absolutely brilliant.  I would recommend this movie to all fans that appreciate a well created movie with a not so normal conclusion.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
3.5 out of 5
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