Batman (2011) #4

Batman#4   Written by: Scott Snyder
  Pencils by: Greg Capullo
  Inks by: Jonathan Glapion
  Cover by: Greg Capullo
  Variant cover by:  Mike Choi (1:200)
  B&W Variant cover by Greg Capullo

Shocking discoveries lead Batman deeper into the mystery of the Court of Owls and its secret and bloody ties to both Gotham City and the Wayne family. But an even deadlier threat awaits Batman: a trap set hundreds of years ago, far beneath his city. The war for Gotham's soul begins here!
Discovering the secret haunts of the Talon almost led to Batman’s death last issue.  We find Dick Grayson stopping by the Batcave to check in on Bruce Wayne following the Dark Knight's civilian identity's near-death experience in the aforementioned explosion. The visit leads to an eleven-page conversation that sheds light on the rationale behind Batman's calm confidence against the new foe Snyder has pitted him against.

That foe - - or rather society of foes - - is the Court of Owls. Immortalized in an old, Gotham City-centric nursery rhyme, the Court of Owls has seemingly congealed from thin air, making Batman's life a lot more challenging and a great deal more entertaining for us readers. We've caught glimpses of the Talon, the Owls' enforcer, as well as secret locations of Owls' hideouts in previous issues, but the mystery of the Court of Owls continues to grow.

The edge of your seat thrill ride mixed with the height of mystery continue as Batman delves deeper into his family’s past, leading to a showdown for Gotham’s future, as finally, he comes face to face with the Court of Owls. 

Snyder continues to bring out the best of what fans expect from Batman while expanding and broadening his universe, using his geneology and Gotham’s history as backdrop.  A great read, and by far the best of the new 52!  Will Batman be found innocent or guilty?  Hang on for the answer!

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:

  4.5 out of 5 Shields

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