Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)

Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)
 Directed by:  Víctor García

Pinhead really lets himself go - maybe lack of souls and flesh in Cenobite land?

A pair of high school friends head to Mexico in search of partying, sexual fantasies and urban myths.  Once in Mexico, they submerge themselves in alcohol, bars and ladies of the night.  After a brief encounter with a homely looking man - they must now redirect their quest towards the ultimate pleasure - the box.  It takes the duo only a short period of time to discover the box's true powers and its lovable owner Pinhead, once they receive his formal introduction the two are never to be heard from again.  Fast forward to the families of the presumably dead teens, having a formal dinner and relentless discussing the mysterious vanishing of their children.  Will the families be able to discover the grim reality of what happened or will they also fall victim to the box's ultimate pleasure ride?

Like thousands of horror fans I have been following this particular installment for a long time.  I was one of the few that got excited over the film's pre-released still shot of the new Pinhead.  The stills showed a different side to Pinhead in a franchise that definitely needed some fresh ideas.   So I was eager to check out this 9th reboot of a movie that should have ended with the second film.  Even with the dvd's cover I still felt that renewed energy that was until I hit play.  From the beginning we got the pleasure of shitty acting, clearly non-teenagers, shaky cam and a Pinhead with emotion and a Jenny Craig problem.  Since when was Pinhead smiling or built like a body builder coming off a roid cycle?  Even if you can get through the first 15 minutes the remaining 60 is full of plot holes, irrelevant gore scenes and horrible acting.  I would definitely only recommend this movie if you want the other 8 to look fantastic.  The only saving point for this movie is the Cenobite lair and special effects related to the torturing but the overall attempt to recreate the same premise as the original Hellraiser was lost.  Hopefully Dimension found out that you can't recreate a movie in a matter of weeks and dismiss the icon portray of Pinhead by Duug Bradley  without putting a lot of time and effort in the back story, character interaction, realistic acting and plot development.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
2 out of 5
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