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With the ever increasing popularity of paranormal  television and the ease of website creations, we as fans are inundated with thousands of websites and podcasts.  Many times we are driven to these sites only to come away disappointed or overloaded with advertisements, old news, or lack of content.  However when a true gem is found it leaves us with the feeling of accomplishment and excitement to promote it.  This has been my experience over the past few years and one site comes to mind and that is Jim Harold - The Best of Paranormal & Video On Demand. 

Ohio Based but Nationally Embraced:

JimHarold.Com is a robust site made up of 4 highly actives sub shows:  The Paranormal Report with Clayton Morris (Fox TV Fame), The Paranormal Podcast, Weird News Radio with Kate Botello and Jim Harold's Campfire. 

The Paranormal Podcast:  (212 Episodes)
An audio based show that brings authors, experts, television personalities, and researchers all together in a specific topic oriented segments.  The format for this show is educational Q&A between Jim and his guests.
Most recent guests have included legendary authors in the field such as Jeff Belanger and Brad Steiger, as well as Minnesota based Paranormal Radio show host / TV Superstar Dave Schrader.

The Paranormal Report with Clayton Morris:  (88 Episodes)
Audio/Video show with Co-Host Clayton Morris (FOX and Friends) that delivers fresh, new hot topics in all things paranormal.  Jim and Clayton scour the world looking for the best that the field has to offer and bundles all the stories into one package.

Jim Harold's Campfire:  (88 Episodes)
Audio based show that allows you the listener to re-tell your real life paranormal or ghost stories.  Like the title suggests, you will get the feeling of being beside a rippling fire while caller after caller tells tales from the other side.

Weird News Radio with Kate Botello:  (20 Episodes)
Audio  based show co-hosted with Kate Botello - based primarily on oddities and strange phenomena from around the world.  Although not specifically paranormally, the show offers information and news regardless of your paranormal beliefs

The shows frequencies are currently at 1 per week

As of today that is 408 FREE podcast paranormal goodness

Jim Harold has also recently authored his own book called 'Jim Harold's Campfire: True Ghost Stories'. 

This is a collection of ghost stories accumulated throughout the years by Jim and his guests.

Check it out on Amazon.Com

Want More?

Jim has even created a “Paranormal Plus” club for a small minimal monthly fee or a cost saving yearly subscription that delivers the following:
•2 Episodes of Crime Scene Every Month
•2 Episodes of The Other Side Every Month
•2 Episodes of Conspiracy Corner Every Month PLUS
•2 Episodes of UFO Encounters Every Month
•Interactive Meet & Greet Webinars Where You Can Talk To Jim
•Paranormal Book Club (books not included)
•Email Newsletter
•Access To Our Members Only Forum
•YEARLY members get a free copy of Jim’s book

Monthly - $7.95
Yearly - $79.50 (PLUS - Free Book)

Jim has not only created his own niche but he has perfected it.  Show after show he brings the fans what they want - new exciting stories that touch all forms of the paranormal from Ghosts, Legends, Aliens and Black Eyed Kids.  I would highly recommend that you check out his site and draw your own conclusion but I would be willing to bet you will find something that interests you. 

Quality + Quantity  =

- BB
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