Goth (2008)

Goth (2008)
  Director: Gen Takahashi
  Writers:     Otsuichi   (Novel "Goth: risutokatto jiken")
  Screenplay:  Gram, Takashi Hotta, Michio Kashiwada, Midori Saitô, Gen Takahashi

Two high school students obsessed with the macabre are paired together after a recent string of local murders.  The slayings are thought to be the work of an artistic psychopath due to the surrounding scenery and lifelike poses of the young female victims.  With their intuitions and like minded hobbies the couple set out to see the killer action.  They are torn between the grim reality that people are dying and their thirst to see more death.

After doing some quick Wiki searches about this movie I found out that this is based on the Novel written by Otsuichi, which was later transformed into a six part short story Manga.  Based on the description this movie seems quite a bit different than its Manga counterpart.  First and foremost this movie is extremely slow.  The storyline takes way too long to develop and since this movie lacks any action it is very easy to miss a subtitle or two so hopefully the viewer will have access to the rewind button.  The film lacks cohesiveness and as a whole has many parts that are filler.  I would guess this is due to poor English translated sub titles.  As far as J-Horror goes, I was extremely disappointed with this movie.  Nothing jumps out as fresh or new – it is basically the same old completely guessable plot.  I really enjoyed the directors choice of lightening and how he paired them with different environments to create subtle but effective shadowing technique.  The overall production value was extremely low and definitely doesn’t reflect its 2008 release date.  I would recommend skipping this title unless of course you like having 90 minutes of your life taken away.

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Bloody Buckeye Rating:
2 out of 5
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