Cinema Wasteland - Fall 2011 Review

My journey began northbound on I-71 heading towards quite possibly the best horror convention in the Midwest.  Scarefest?, Fright Night? Horrorhound? - hell no its Cinema Wasteland.

This convention is for the person that either has it all or has seen it all.  This con doesn't base its whole existence on "celebs" that want 30 bucks to sign their name, it doesn't try to create a cute over done "Boondocks/Walking Dead" theme, and it sure as hell doesn't bring in guests outside of the genre just to fill the parking lot.  So you may ask yourself what is so special about this event.  Its simple it is a Grindhouse Convention not a weekend celebration of arrogant celebs shucking merch without looking up at you.

The folks at CW keep it simple - bring in obscure fan friendly classic movie celebs, movie screenings, and dealer room.  The dealer room is hands down the best I have seen - VARIETY.  Almost every table has something unique to offer and unlike other cons you don't go through countless rows seeing the same shit over and over.

This review may sound critical but after reading other horror fans dog CW shows - it made me step back and see what is so wrong?  Horror movies have always always been about the underground flick, gore, exploitation, and nudity so why is it when a show creates a mecca for this, it is criticized? Beats me but I do know this I will always make the venture twice a year to see the likes of Frank Henenlotter or Ruggero Deodato.  I mean seriously were else can you see Toe Tag Productions, the king of B movies - Bill Zebub, Playmates, Leatherface, and Cannibal Holocaust director under the same roof?

I want to personally thank Ken for keeping it real and giving the true fans what they want - it isn't convention now that I think about it - it is an experience.





Now that I am off my soapbox, for the few still reading lets talk about the actual show.  Even the typical Ohio fall weather of non-stop drizzle didn't keep the Grinders at home - attendance was great.

My main reason for this year's convention was two fold: A) Meet Basket Case cast and B) Pick up some new flicks.  I was not disappointed!  Chatting with Frank and Kevin was not only interesting and informational it was also like talking to old friends - great guys.  I also decided to meet, for my first time, Gunnar and once again another great guest.  Even when he was pushing his TCM doll harder than a Meth dealer - he still took the time to talk about his film and experiences.

The dealer section was the best I have seen in awhile, I was able to pick up some lobby cards and movies far cheaper than good ole ebay.  I didn't get a chance to rub elbows with Lloyd Kaufman or wander through Tom Sullivan's traveling Evil Dead museum maybe next show.  I have seen Tom's display countless times and would recommend it to any fan and don't forget to ask plenty of questions Tom is quite the talker.  My final course of business was to pick up Bill Zebub's new flick - Antfarm Dickhole.  For those unfamiliar with his work think B Movie - Low Budget - Comedy - Cheesy Horror - Nudity.  I enjoy his films not because they are next Halloween but because it is a nice escape to see a film that doesn't take its subject matter to serious.

But what makes a CW show is the fans - always willing to tell you about that great obscure movie they just saw or  to recommend a title that often gets over looked - I feel like I know them all!  Overall thoughts - great community, easy highway access, plenty of parking, fan friendly guests, cheap deals, rare memorabilia, and most import well organized.

All in all a great time, check them out at:

Cinema Wasteland

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