Antfarm Dickhole (2011)

Antfarm Dickhole (2011)  
  Director: Bill Zebub
  Stars: Rich Carucci, Lindsey Graham and Adam Kuligowski 

Ant-toin like many of us has issues - but his issue has a slight twist.  He also has the uncanny ability to be the prime target of wood-land bullies.  But after his most recent beating, he has another issue - infestation.  He is now the host to a swarm of maniac ants that will go to extreme measures to protect their queen.

Will Ant-toin stop the madness or will the Formicidaes rule the nest.

Much like all of Bill Zebub's movies - this one is sure to raise eyebrows, create an Internet stir and piss off critics.  Now to set the record straight, I am not saying Bill's movies are for everyone, but those who enjoy his dark humor and outrageous situations will love this flick.  Sure this film doesn't have great acting, nor does it have fantastic visuals, or high production value - what it does deliver is WTF's, Seriously?, Why? and laughter.  If you are a fan, like myself, you will love this film - it gives us want we want - something different, unusual and fun.  Although I wouldn't put this up with my personal favs such as Zombie Christ or The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made, I still think it packs a punch.  If you want to go away from mainstream or need just a healthy dose of fun head over to his site and check out Bill's latest titles.

I will never piss off a spider ever again!

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