The Troll Hunter (2010)

The Troll Hunter (2010)
  Directed by:  André Øvredal
  Produced by:  Sveinung Golimo and John M. Jacobsen
  Written by:  André Øvredal

In an effort to catch the notorious bear poacher, a group of Volda College student embark on a documentary style adventure into the wilderness of Norway.  What the team soon realizes is that the bear poacher is in fact a government agent whose sole responsibility is to maintain Norway's troll population.  Hans portrayed by Otto Jespersen, leads the crew into the daily life and struggles of an non-acknowledge government superhero.  Will the students be able to uncover the truth or will they fail pray to these monstrous creatures?

This independent film comes to us via Norway and although released in 2010, it didn’t hit the states still June of this year.  This film is currently available on Netflix as an Instant download under Action.  Created in a documentary style form – this film is similar to the making of America’s Blair Witch Project with 3 crucial differences. 1)  Fantastic acting by majority of the cast, unlike the horrid display we saw in BW – Troll Hunter creates an impression that we are watching  a real documentary.  However there will be times in which you want to hit the fast forward button – most notable whenever the main female college student speaks or when she carries around her pointless boom stick.  2)  Great camera work.  We are not subject to over an hour of shaky cam, instead we get a semi-believable documentary camera view mixed with great camera pans and pretty neat night vision shots.  And finally 3)  CGI – this films created what major studios simply cannot – Realistic CGI effects.  The trolls are nicely done and even with CGI they do not distract from the overall movie quality.  I was quite surprised by this movie.  Although this is not horror, it takes us back to the monster movie days.  This film will leave you with a feeling of a major motion picture flick and will not disappoint.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:

3.5 out of 5
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