DC’s New 52—Not New, Just Confusing and Trite (Part 3)

DC’s New 52 
Not New, Just Confusing and Trite
(Part 3 of 3)

Batman #1
  By:  Scott Snyder, Craig Capullo, and Johnathan Glapion

Finally, a 52 Book That I Can Get Behind!!!! Sorta….

“Every Saturday, the Gotham Gazette includes a small lifestyles piece called ‘Gotham is.’ In the column, random Gothamites are asked to complete the sentence ‘Gotham is…’ using three words or less….

“Gotham is

“Gotham is…Batman….Batman’s city…”

Batman…the Caped Crusader…the Dark Knight….there is no way this new 52 business could screw him up, right?  Well, mostly right. 

While a lot of the new 52 totally revamped characters that didn’t need it, this title just takes the best parts and amplifies them.  Bruce is back as Batman, Dick is Nightwing.  Then, we have Damien and Tim.  Tim Drake is now something that looks like a teenage botch of the Falcon or War of the the Planets called Red Robin (no yum, please!).  And Damien Wayne is a sick abomination.  Like Bucky in Captain America, this kid really needs to die.  He is annoying.

Snyder does a great job of showing us Batman in his best prime.  Remember that whole Knightfall thing, where the crazies had been busted out of Arkham, that took months  to resolve and ended with Bruce getting his back broken?  Well, the inmates break out of Arkham at the start of this issue, and it takes just 7pages (mind you, 7 AWESOMELY DRAWN AND SCRIPTED PAGES) to take care of business.  Snyder is not trying to do Batman year one (who could?).  He is showing us Batman at the height of his prowess, kicking @$$ and taking names, while still being the world’s greatest detective.

We get to see all the great relationship dynamics of the Bat family.  The relationship with Alfred, Tim, Dick, and yes that little b@$t@rd Damien are all interesting.  We even get to see Batman with his new level of interface with the Bat computer.  And, we get a very fascinating mystery before us.  All the evidence is pointing to someone who couldn’t possibly do the horrendous crimes being perpetrated, could they?  Stay tuned….

The only negative is the kind of lame-o Delta City dream Bruce has for Gotham.  I understand Bruce wanting to improve Gotham, but his speech in the comic is eerily reminiscent of the narcissism of Tony Stark over in Iron Man, and we saw how those utopian dreams turned out….Also, the “it is just one dream away” business is a tad schlocky.  However, the good thing this shows us is that Batman and Bruce really are two sides of a coin, to borrow from Two-Face.  One light, one dark, both committed to a better world.

A great story, with someone who realizes Batman doesn’t need any damn reboot.

New Hope Patriot Missile Rating:
4 out of 5 Shields
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