YellowBrickRoad (2010)

YellowBrickRoad (2010)
  Directors: Jesse Holland, Andy Mitton
  Writers: Andy Mitton, Jesse Holland

In 1940 the small New Hampshire town of Friar suffered a dramatic loss when the townspeople abandoned life, homes, duties and embarked on an adventure down a wooden trail.  This venture yielded very few survivors and years later the story become local urban legend.  That was until 2008 when a group of adventurous explorers get their hands on newly declassified government documents of the disappearance.  Determined to seek the truth and dismiss any nay-sayers, they begin a journey to see what exactly lies down the YellowBrickRoad.

Let me start by saying how it is pretty impressive that Bloody Disgusting was able to secure national releases for their Selects series.  In my area, we are lucky enough to have 2 opportunities a week to catch this film.  Not only does this broaden the exposure for horror, it opens the door for future indy movie makers. 

Now for the review...

I admittedly fell into the internet craze prior to seeing this movie, normally I do not like to read reviews, watch trailers, or check out ratings prior to watching new releases, but my friends I was a victim.  With phrases like "well-polished mind-bender" and "plenty of scares and chills to go around" I was stoked.  Then on Friday June 24th, I had the chance to catch this "Blair Witch meets the Shinning" soon to be "classic".  The film was indeed well shot and surprisingly emitted a big budget feel when watching it.  The landscapes chosen for the movie were fantastic and definitely gives the sense of realism to the viewer.  The acting unfortunately was terrible, the facial impressions were almost high school theater like, this took away from the viewer actually caring about any of the characters.  The story itself consistently kept my attention, however not because of its interest but because of the confusion it creates.  Maybe this was done on purpose to allow the viewer to experience their own YellowBrick voyage but to me it was annoying.  Then after a period of traveling (Lord of the Rings style) we were left with a horrid ending that failed to answer any questions and only added to the plot holes.  This film will generate a strong fan base however I don’t believe this base will be with horror fans since the “horror” scenes were PG-13 at best.  At no point was there "plenty of scares and chills to go around”.  I do however think that my dislike in this movie was in direct response to being mislead by websites and reviewers and NOT the movie itself.  I enjoyed the uniqueness of the woods and the clever writing of the story line however I do feel it was missing too many things.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:

2.5  out of 5
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