Scarecrow (2002)

Scarecrow (2002)
  Directed by:  Emmanuel Itier
  Starring:  Tiffany Shepis

Lester Dwervick never really had any friends except for his drawings and an old farm scarecrow.  He was a loaner that kept to himself and never started confrontations even with the endless ridiculing he received from teachers, classmates, and his own mother's boyfriend.  This all changed one lonely night when Lester saw his high school crush drunkenly kissing another guy at a party.  This was the ignition point in his life - he became bound and determined to no longer be pushed around.  Unfortunately for Lester this new found strength lasted only hours when he was "accidently" killed by his mom's boyfriend and his body was left at the scene posed as a suicide.  What this little town didn't realize at the time was that Lester wasn't at all dead – he was very much alive the only difference is his body had a new shape in the form of a ruthless farm Scarecrow.

To be honest the only reason I even attempted to watch another "Scarecrow" horror movie was that it starred the gorgeous Tiffany Shepis.  As far as this gem, I wasn't let down with its horrid acting abilities, fake country accents, terrible soundtrack and humorous – ridiculous kill scenes.  Movies like Scarecrow lead me to wonder how any director can complete a movie, edit a movie, and still believe it is worth production – when this is the final product.  It lacks a cohesive plot and believable killer (Back flipping – Ninja like Scarecrow?).  Even with Shepis’ hotness – Tiffany couldn’t save this Direct to the Dollar bin flick.  One thing I will point out is that it has quite a few unique kill scenes, above average blood effects and a kick ass costume design for the Scarecrow.  Three words in closing:  Skip This One

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
1 out of 5
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