The Baby's Room (2006)

The Baby's Room (2006)
(Films to Keep You Awake)
  Working Title: Películas para no dormir: La habitación del niño
  Director: Álex de la Iglesia
  Writers: Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Álex de la Iglesia

Juan, Spanish sports journalist, decides to move his wife and newborn child into a massive but dilapidated home.  Determined to create the home of their dreams, the couple wastes no time painting, cleaning, and wall papering.  Due to the size of the home and the strain of a newborn – the couple turns to a baby monitor device.  What the couple hears on the device is far from a baby’s cry and both are determined to figure out the root of the weird noises.  Scared and curious  Juan opts for a more sophisticated wireless video monitor.  The answer that  Juan discovers on the monitor not only jeopardizes the family but his own state of consciousness.

This movie is part of a 6 film DVD entitled “ 6 Films to Keep You Awake.”  From the moment the opening credits roll - we get a back story in which a few kids get a dark surprise during a game of hide and seek.  The movie then switches gears to modern Spain and where we are introduced to Juan and his family.  One of my main problems with this movie is the time period in which it takes place – the movie was released in 2006-  but it just didn’t seem to fit.  Based on the film quality, wardrobe, characters this movie seems to be a better fit for late eighties or early nineties.  However, don’t let that distract you from Álex de la Iglesia’s greatness.  This movie is what Paranormal Activity should have been – realistic kill scenes, believable apparitions, and a well designed plot with above average actors.  Álex utilizes sight, sound, and emotional feelings to create a remarkable film.  I would recommend this film to any horror fan with only one warning – the end is very weak, so weak in fact I waited a few days to reflect on the movie prior to writing anything down.  I was disappointed in how a great movie can deliver sub-par closure.  It makes the viewer think that either the production was rushed or running out of time/money.   Unfortunately, I can see American film distributors re-booting this for American audiences, for example when the movie REC was trashed.  This film has prompted me to hunt down more Álex de la Iglesia titles. 

Bloody Buckeye Rating:

3.5 out of 5
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