Lethal Obsession (2010)

Lethal Obsession  (2010)
  Directed by: Jason Hignite

For ObessionCams - adult themed cam website - business is booming and so is the death toll.  Driven by revenge a masked killer seeks to create their own web cam masterpiece by killing off the ladies of the site one by one during their private shows.  Local detectives are determine to restore peace and justice to silicon valley.

Independent movie maker: Darkrider Studios brings us an unforgettable horrible attempt at a unoriginal story.  The acting was terrible with the actors constantly looking into the wrong camera, the audio sounded as though they used the camera mic and the special effects could have been achieved on a $50 dollar budget.  The kills had potential if it wasn't for horrid camera pans and zero close ups.  The only plus to this movie was some of its nudity shots.  I do not understand why anyone with pride in this movie could have finalized it without completing scene transitions (music fades), better audio quality, and at least actors that could focus on the correct camera.  This film is not a horror film or a suspense film, it is a film however that anyone could achieve with a few thousand and stripper friends.  All in all: this was a complete waste of time.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
.5 out of 5
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