Scream 4 (2011)

Scream 4 (2011)
  Director:  Wes Craven

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) makes her return trip back to Woodsboro in time not only to promote her new book but also to once again encounter the elusive Ghostface.  As her friends are picked off one by one it is apparent that the killer intends to save the newly found author for last.  This leaves Sidney along with her aunt and niece once again caught up in a dangerous cat and mouse game.  Can newly married Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courtney Cox) once again solve the puzzle and put an end to the killer's madness or will Ghostface finish what he started?

Let me start out by saying that I almost didn't make it through the first ten minutes of the film during the 'Stab Movie sequences’.  Not only were these scenes annoying and predictable – but why in the hell did we have to sit through multiple ones?  If you are a fan of this franchise you may enjoy this movie, however if you are a fan of this franchise then you haven't seen enough horror movies.  With majority of the original cast, I completely expected the same horrid acting skills and Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell and David Arquette didn’t let me down.  Before I start getting the 'hater comments', I realize that the Scream franchise is built off of campy characters, cheesy one liners, horrible horror trivia and bad acting but why do fans enjoy it?  My biggest complaint is twofold:
  1)  With a budget into the millions the overall look, feel and quality of the movie wasn't there
  2)  If you frequent enough message boards you come to realize the intense hatred for Indy flicks because of their lack of effects and acting – but somehow we let this movie slide?
Ghostface once again has some decent kills - although nothing we haven't already seen thousands of times.  If you are lucky enough to get past the horrible acting abilities of the cast then you are treated with same old “'who is the killer - maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me” bullshit throughout the remainder of the film.  No large twists or surprises just another way for Hollywood to make money off a franchise.  Save your hard earned money and check it out when it hits Red Box, $1 movie theaters or Netflix.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
2 out of 5
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