Plasterhead (2006)

Plasterhead (2006)
  Written and Directed by:  Kevin Higgins

With dreams of beaches, tanning and parties, a group of college students embark on their journey from New Jersey to Miami.  Along the way they decide to take a detour that places them into the heart of backwoods West Virginia.  During this time the group decides to take a break from the road and one of the them discovers a weather-beating purse of an unknown woman.  Inside the purse contains a non-descriptive address and the group decides to place their trip on hold while they attempt to return it to its rightful owner.  While trying to decipher the address they uncover the legend of Roy Williams - a traveling trucker who is brutally beaten and left for death by the locals all while the local sheriff turns a blind eye.  The group will soon discover the truth about the purse’s owner as well as the local legend of Plasterhead.

Nothing new in this storyline – young group of kids get lost and unearth a small town’s dark secret.  With that, expectations of the film were kept at a minimum.  The introduction of the main character –Plasterhead (Brian Dixon), created the potential of what could have been a great character.  Unfortunately the acting of the others and the overall production of this movie eliminated any hope that Dixon’s character created.  To be fair to the original movie – I watched this on Netflix and the audio was horrible – constant volume variances and muffled at times.  Once you get past the acting ('D' at best), production aspects (random blurred images – only to be visible seconds later) and audio issues – the plot of the movie was portrayed very well.  The main aspect is definitely the creation of Plasterhead and Brian Dixon’s ability to portray the killer.  There were several unique kills that Slasher fans will certainly appreciate and with the right cast and production company this film could be a success if re-booted.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:

2 of 5
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