Bloody Reunion (2006)

Bloody Reunion (2006) 
  Directed by:  Dae-wung Lim
A group of classmates re-unite to honor a former childhood teacher, now ailing with sickness.  As the weekend passes they come to realize that each one of them doesn't quite remember the good times they have, but instead they all accepted the RSVP with one goal in mind - to seek retribution and revenge from the past.  Will the students be able to mend their past lives or will the skeletons in their closets emerge.  In effort to see her students for what appears to be the last time, Miss Parks (Mi-hee Oh) comes to realize that maybe her past doesn’t deserve an A+.

This is my 2nd of a 3 part K-Horror film group that I will review this week and once again I was amazed at the outcome.  Although this story start has its confusion moments, the overall look and feel of this slasher movie was refreshing.  First time director Dae-wung Lim takes the viewer on a ride full of twists, in-depth story lines and complex character developments.  The slasher portion of the movie gives the genre at least 2 new unique killing scenes and with an unforeseeable twist at the end.  With movies like Arang and Bloody Reunion, my opinions towards K-Horror films have been lifted and resurrected.  Like most Asian horror titles, this film is sub-title and this would be one of the film's negative aspects.  At times the dialogue doesn't seem quite right or at other moments there are no sub-titles on close up of images with text (books, wall writings, medicine bottles.)  Unfortunately this movie's rating is going to suffer because of how great Arang was.  I would recommend this movie to all horror fans in general as long as they don’t mind sub-titled flicks.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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