Arang (2006)

Arang (2006) 
  Director: Sang-hoon Ahn
  Language: Korean

After a pair of untimely yet similar deaths, rookie detectives: Hyun-ki (Dong-Wook Lee) and renegade veteran So-young (Yun-ah Song) set off to uncover the mystery of a decade old missing person case.  As the facts of the case lines up - a few common elements come into play: a slide show of a serene coastal building and a revenge seeking killer.  Can the detectives solve the case before the killer completes her revenge?

This Korean Horror movie came to me by way of a recommendation from OtakuStew.  Over the years I have developed a hard line towards K-Horror films in that I either love the movie or absolutely despise.  This movie starts off relatively slow while it goes through the background of the two detectives.  But once the storyline is laid out, all we have left remaining is non-stop goodness.  This movie was fantastic - production was superb, acting was phenomenal and most importantly the story line was well developed.  Much like most Asian horror films, I would not necessary classify this movie as a horror film, instead I would say this is a psychological mind twister.  The strongest aspect of the movie is definitely the ending with multiple plot twists which will fool even the seasoned fiends.  Overall Arang is one of the best Asian horror movies I have ever seen.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
4 out of 5
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