iMurders (2008)

iMurders (2008)
Directed by:  Robbie Bryan   
Writing credits: Robbie Bryan and Ken Del Vecchio

Ever since the days of computer technology -our ideals of social communication have forever changed.  Instead of pen pals, we now have live streaming chat rooms, instant messaging and real time status updates.  Not a moment goes by in which someone is posting their whereabouts, relationship status or what they ate for dinner.  Lindsay Jefferies (Gabrielle Anwar) is no different, she leads a successful life as an event planner and by night she emerges herself into a world of her cyber family.  She regularly attends a social network group filled with a professor, ex-model, phone sex operator, an effects artist and a three others.  What Lindsay doesn't know is that sometimes people online aren't what they seem and sooner or later she is caught up into a cyber love triangle.  One by one the guests of the chat room goes missing and it’s just a matter of time before Lindsay realize that the missing people are actually victims of a serial cyber killer.

First and foremost this movie is not a horror movie,  I fell for the title and poster artwork.  I normally try not to read any reviews prior to watching a movie and this time I got burnt.  This is your typical run of mill thriller-suspense movie.  Plot is simple - main character leads a mysterious life engulfed into a cyber world, moves to a new apartment, befriends next door neighbor, falls in love, then counts on him for help in order to escape the hands of a killer.  The movie in itself keeps the viewer watching, although no real good plot twists, the viewer will still enjoy how each character eventually molds into one cohesive story.  I would like to give props to writers Robbie Bryan  and Ken Del Vecchio, not only did they take a small idea and create a movie, they did so without completely boring the viewer.  Even with many well known actors:  William Forsythe, Tony Todd and Gabrielle Anwar the acting was subpar at best.  The "twist" ending was hardly a twist and majority of genre fans will have the story figured out within the first 45 minutes.  I would recommend this movie only those who enjoy semi-suspenseful B drama thrillers.  But for the Buckeye Boogeyman followers this movie falls short of anything memorable.  One of the few plus sides of the movie besides the writing was the terrific score created by Harry Manfredini.  Horror fans will know Manfredini’s work from the Friday the 13th franchise.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
2 of 5
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