Executive Koala (2005)

Executive Koala (2005)
  Directed by:  Minoru Kawasaki 

Koalas, Frogs, and Rabbits Oh My....

Mr. Tamura is like your typical mid-management small business leader. He leads a simple life - at work his day consists of long hours, meetings and a dedicated staff and while at home he has a sweet girlfriend to spend the nights with.  The only problem is Mr. Tamura has been having some serious bad luck.  Shortly in the story we find out that his new girlfriend is mysteriously killed and previous wife vanished into thin air.  What happened to these past loves and can Tamura vindicate their misfortunes or will he be subject to their demise?  There is only 1 problem - a local investigator suspects that Mr. Tamura is the number 1 suspect.  This news couldn't come at a worse time as Tamura is on the verge of a large company merger with a South Korean kimchi company.

Oh by the way:
 Tamura is a Koala.

This is my first review of the 5 DVDs I purchased from this year's Ohayocon.  The obvious hook to this purchase was the ax wielding koala on the DVD jacket.  As I started to watch this movie my expectation were low from the beginning, however I am a fan of Troma-esque movies so I didn't let that bother me.  The movie itself - all be it low budget, was very playful and entertaining.  Tamura was a likeable character all throughout the film and the addition of a Rabbit as the company's president and a convenience store clerk as a Frog only added to the fun.  I will have to put this movie into a class on its own - unlike Troma movies this movie actually had a solid plot that would be acceptable with or without the crazy characters.  I would recommend this movie to any J-Horror fan, Furry fans, and viewers that want to enjoy a short flick (roughly 86 minutes) that always keeps you head shaking.  The director - Minoru Kawasaki - has a few other flicks that according to other reviews I need to check out like his first hit Calamari Wrestler.  Kawasaki obviously didn't make this film to be taken serious and wanted it to be a pseudo - comedic horror, so with that comes my rating.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
3 of 5
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