Die-ner (get it?) (2010)

Die-ner (get it?) (2010) 
  Directed by: Patrick Horvath 

Ken, portrayed by Joshua Grote, is your run of the mill psychopathic serial killer, traveling from small town to small town satisfying his urge to kill.  As the story begins, Ken finds himself in that exact situation while enjoying a nice home cooked drive-in meal.  After quickly disposing of the waitress and cook - Ken finds himself in an awkward situation as the restaurant starts to fill with up with a young couple and a police officer.  It's just a matter of time before Ken - posing as the head waiter - can no longer hide his dark secret.  But who will be on the run - Sheriff Duke (Larry Purtell)?, the couple (Liesel Kopp and Parker Quinn)?, Ken? or the two new guests - head waitress (Maria Olsen) and cook (Jorge Montalvo) newly restored as zombies? 

This short independent horror-comedy is the breath of fresh air that this fiend needed after the previous review.  Patrick Horvath definitely deserves the attention for bringing us a new twist on the zombie world.  His character selection, storyline and humor are incredible and to think this was all accomplished in a mere 72 minutes.  Josh Grote portrays the perfect blend between Ed Norton and Leslie Vernon with humor, wit and style.  The only disappointment was that the movie tended to stray away from the plot as Ken's character developed.  As a fan and supporter of the independent horror industry, I would definitely recommend this flick for if nothing else -pure entertainment and a head-less zombie.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
3 of 5
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