Dibbuk Box (2011) Movie Update

Every now in then my two favorite interests cross paths (Horror and the Paranormal.)  For at least a year we have been hearing rumors in regards to the Dibbuk Box movie and finally we are making some progress.  If you haven't had the chance to research this strange box - check out this site for the story that inspired this soon to be movie.
The Dybbuk Box (or Dibbuk Box) is the commonly-used name of a wine cabinet which is supposedly haunted by a Dybbuk; a Jewish spirit.

The Orlando Sentinel announced today that Ole Bornedal's Dibbuk Box will star Jefferey Dean Morgan and co-starring will be Kyra Sedgwick.  Dibbuk Box is slated for October 2011 release date.

Ole' Credits Include:
     Deliver Us from Evil (2009)
     The Substitute (2007)

Morgan's Credits:
     Watchmen - The Comedian
     Grey's Anatomy - Denny Duquette
     Supernatural - John Winchester
     The Burning Zone - Dr. Edward Marcase

Sedgwick's Credits:
     The Closer - Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson
     Phenomenon - Lace Pennamin
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