Jack's Bad Day (2010)

Jack's Bad Day (2010) - Independent Short
  Written and Directed by: Shawn Ewert

Jack is your typical run of the mill serial killer - quiet, efficient and a master of his trade.  Jack has all the essentials for stardom - a collection of masks, endless supply of knives and enough gloves to be the envy of every homeless man, but one thing Jack is missing today is luck.  Matter of fact if it wasn't for bad luck he wouldn't have any at all - well at least for this short independent film.  Watch as Jack perfects his stalking, capturing, and killing of three innocent victims during a normal day in the life of the white face madman.

I came across this movie a few weeks ago while wondering around the Internet trying to find some relatively new independent films that have been hitting the show circuit for 2010.  After looking at the entries in this year's Fright Night Film Festival, I ran across this film and for $5 bucks plus shipping I couldn't pass up the offer so I thought hell lets give it a whirl.  To my surprise this quick 20 minute movie was enjoyable.  Sure this isn't going to be your next slasher king or a must view for every horror fans, but I respect Shawn Ewert's cohesiveness and production efforts.  The soundtrack was great and was completely in tuned with the short.  Jack's portrayal by Steven Good was very Mr. Beanesque.  I enjoyed the film for what it was: short, fast paced and to the point.  The camera shots were good and the well done lighting added to the scenes.  The blending of the surroundings and characters made for some interesting kills.  Normally I would give this movie a Bloody Buckeye Rating however I do not think it is fair to compare a short with a full feature film so you only get my thoughts and ramblings.

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