Eli Roth's Clown Trailer (Fake or Real?)

Huge thanks from BuckeyeBoogeyman to Bloody Disgusting for posting this trailer.

A father orders a clown for his son's birthday and when the clown cancels the father must find an alternative.  After finding a clown outfit (not sure where or how) the father acts the role of the clown instead.  But there is one problem - the suit cant be taken off and the transformation into an evil Pennywise-like clown begins.  Sounds good - looks kinda cool - but there is only one problem - is this trailer for real or just created for viral junkies.  The trailer appears to have been created for a real movie written by Waverly Films' Christopher Ford and Jon Watts, but will it see the main screen and/or will Eli Roth be the director?
Boogeyman's guess: FAKE
Real or Fake--Check it out and judge for yourself:
Eli Roth's Clown Trailer
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