The Messengers (2007)

The Messengers (2007)
Directed by: Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang

After a rough time in Chicago the Solomon family decide its time to try to change their luck by moving into a North Dakota sunflower farm.  With the help of a local farmhand the Solomon's turn a once deserted farm into an abundance of flowers.  With the good comes the bad and with suspicious noises, apparitions and other paranormal activities has the home owner's wondering two things.  What happened to the previous family and why is it happening to them?


A great list of B actors in this one - chic from Twilight (Kristen Stewart) and dude from the Practice (Dylan McDermott) - unfortunately the other cast was horrible almost like they were reading from queue cards the whole movie - no emotion just lips moving.  Character Development is where this movie failed - even with a twist at the end (which isn't hard to figure out) they could have done much more with the girl's development.  They avoided her storyline the entire movie until the last 25 minutes left in the film.  Then all they gave her was a brief 1 paragraph explanation of her past.  Even though this is an over done plot - family moves into an old house - crazy shit happens - things attack people.  They did a good job of keeping the viewers interested in the movie.  This is labeled as a Sam Raimi film - but I would be willing to bet he was on set only via a cell phone or maybe via instant messenger on Facebook - no Raimi elements what so ever.  The movie is all about the jump scares and the quick pan camera angles.  The once a month movie goer will enjoy the "intense" wanna-a-be "scary" moments but for a seasoned horror fan you may get 1 jump.  The CGI effects were actually pretty decent - they did a good job of not over doing it.  Lighting and camera work was excellent.  But unfortunately that didn't overcome this gutter-ball.

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
2 of 5

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