Horrrorhound Weekend Cincinnati (Recap)

An event that has been on the top of my list since March of this year has finally came and gone.  Horrrorhound’s annual Cincinnati show took place in Sharonville, Ohio this past weekend.  The event was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel off of Kemper Road.  The highlights of this year’s show were guests Linda Blair and Malcolm McDowell, Ghostbusters memorabilia portion and countless movies and panels.  Along with Otaku Stew and my brother – your’s truly Buckeye Boogeyman was in action scouring the vendor areas and waiting in lines.  This event was memorable in that Otaku Stew was a virgin and what better way to end his draught then with 3 vendor areas, multiple screening rooms and even a Side Show tent.  The parking was plentiful as long as you didn’t mind walking.  The ATM access however was not, the hotel itself only had 1 ATM machine that in my case was out of cash by the time I needed to refuel.  The location of the event was pleasant, for those of you unfamiliar with Cincinnati and Sharonville – the community sits right off of 275 and within minutes of I-75 and I-71.  All in all this show was a fun time for all and I only have a few recommendations for next year.
  • More ATM’s
  • Parking Lot attendants directing flows
  • Better layout of rooms – the registration desk should have been the first thing you encountered  not the ridiculous long Linda Blair line.
  • Clearly marked rooms (Screening rooms were unmarked)
Besides those points I look forward to the event for next year and can’t wait till the event in Indianapolis in March
Check out the link for the upcoming show:
Horrorhound Indy March Show

Guests List:

William Lustig
When the guest list announced I was please to see that William Lustig was on the list.  Mr. Lustig was responsible for classics such as Maniac and Maniac Cop.  He also was in charge of a lesser known Uncle Sam.  He was a class act individual – telling stories of his films and cracking jokes about his movies.  In my Horrorhound adventure quest he was definitely the highlight.  I was recommend fans check out his movies and chat with him at the next convention. 

George Wilbur
The first guest I had on my list to meet was George Wilbur.  Fans will know him as being the first actor to portray Michael Myers in multiple movies H4 and H6, this was once again accomplished by Tyler Maine in Rob Zombie’s version of H1 and H2.  I was admittedly Myer’s star struck so any review of him would be completely biased.   George was very talkative and cordial to his fans and never missed an opportunity for a photo op.

Bill Moseley
This will mark the fourth time I have met Mr. Moseley and once again I walked away with the same impression.  Like his Rob Zombie film's counterpart Sid Haig - Bill absolutely adores his fans and never misses an opportunity to chat.  The most important part of these conventions are for the fans to interact with their film’s favorite celebs and unfortunately in the past I have had several encounters with actors that only care about taking your $20 bucks without a smile or even looking up.  I personally spent the majority of my time talking about  his previous band Cornbugs and I was delighted to hear he has a new band called Spider Mountain.  If you are not familiar with Cornbugs – I would recommend you to check them out.  The band consisted of:
  • Bill "Choptop" Moseley – vocals
  • Buckethead – guitars
  • Pinchface – drums
  • Travis Dickerson – keyboards (2003–2007)
Dead Pit
As my personal favorite horror podcast – I got a chance to chat with the Creepy Kentuckian himself.  Uncle Bill unfortunately had to work and was not available there on Saturday.  Dead Pit brought a ton of merchandise ranging from their classic and new t-shirts to dvd commentaries on H6, Hostel and Twilight.  It was a unanimous decision that Twilight was indeed Uncle Bill favorite movie of all time.  Although he was not there to defend his honor, we were sure that he would agree that vampires do sparkle.  LOL  Check them out at their link at the top of my page. 

Linda Blair and Malcolm McDowell
Very well received guest in that the lines were large and never ending however the staff at Horrorhound did an exceptional job at keeping the line moving.
Without a doubt these two were the most popular guests and Malcolm’s role in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange brought out a slew of Droogs.
Missed it by that much………….
Due to my limited funding and the holidays right around the corner there were a few poster signatures that I wanted to grab but didn’t.  They were in no particular order:
  • Jill Schoelen – Popcorn (1991)
  • Harvey Stephens – The Omen (1976)
  • Jonathan Breck – Jeepers Creepers (2001)
***As a disclaimer I did not take the time to get the following autographs however I was disappointed in a few things so I figure I would let everyone know my personal thoughts – if you disagree feel free to drop me a comment.***

As with any convention there is a price to pay to get that sacred autograph – while majority of celebrities charge what seems to be the mandatory $20 a pop there have been a few that seem to lower their prices.   With this in mind I walked into the Ghostbusters room only to find my biggest convention pet peeve.
Billy Bryan and Mark Bryan Wilson both were charging $20 for a signature.  For those of you unfamiliar with these guests they were the ones responsible for Slimer and Stay Puff on this blockbuster hit.  The problem that I see here is - $20 is ridiculous.  This taught me a lesson that I always seem to forget – don’t get to excited to meet a star unless you plan on paying the price.  Although I had no interaction with the two guest – the price list alone turned me away.  Bryan and Wilson (no relation to the legendary Beach Boy) get my WTF Award.
In keeping with the notion that guests charge for signatures and fans pay for signatures – the only way to make this system work is to have the guest available at his/her table for fan interaction.  Now I was only at the show on Saturday however in my 20+ times of walking in and out of the vendor areas I never once saw Erik Preston at his table.  I am not even sure he showed up?  Can someone out there fill me in as to what happened to Mr. Preston- hopefully everything is ok.  So with that – Erik Preston get my MIA Award

***Thanks to Erik's update - I am glad everything is ok - it appears I am the one that was MIA and not Erik - due to this  yours truly: Buckeye Boogeyman gets the Master of Timing Award

Bonus feature:
Sean Clark
As our evening ended on Saturday we decided to do one final pass and low and behold I came across Sean Clark at a table selling his 11x17 movie posters of the Black Waters of Echo’s Pond.  For those that don’t know Sean was an associate producer and a writer in the movie.  We briefly discussed why the movie never got a theatrical release and what are the next steps for the film.  Currently Sean is working with a company to achieve either a theater release or at minimum a DVD/Blu-Ray release sometime in 2011.
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