Horrorhound Weekend (Preview)

Horrorhound Weekend
  Destination Cincinnati, Ohio

Occasionally on BuckeyeBoogeyman you will get to hear my experiences at various conventions I attend.  This weekend will be no different as I travel southbound on interstate 71 to attend what has turned into an annual event: Horrorhound Weekend in the 'Nati.  As with many conventions there are a few themes floating around this year's star studded event.

These themes are: Re-Animator, Halloween 4, Stepfather Saga with a touch of Ghostbusters.  The moment I saw the line-up, I instantly got excited.  A few featured guests are Malcom McDowell (Clockwork Orange and Halloween), Linda Blair (The Exorcist), Harvey Stephens (The Omen) and Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator).  As a avid collector of all things that are horror - I will open up my wallet for an attempt at a few autograph opportunities and some collectible treasures.
For those that have never attended a horror convention a few things to keep in mind, I will call this Buckeye's quick cliff notes on what to expect.
  • Featured guests = long autograph lines
  • Expect to pay on average $20 per autograph regardless of whether or not you already have your item. Almost ever guest will have 8x10 available for purchase.
  • A lot of memorabilia dealers - if you are only able to attend 1 day - I would always recommend Saturday especially if you are getting signatures - why you ask - Yes, lines are longer however you now have all day and evening to get signatures and spend time at the dealer booths.
  • Try to go with a group of friends - this is two fold:
    • 1)  Help spread the sickness of Horror movies to a new fan
    • 2)  Someone to chat with while you are in line :)
  • The best part of conventions are in the form of movie screeners - these range from unreleased movies to cult classics.  In some instances there is even a rare opportunity to have Q and A with cast and/or directors at the conclusion.
OK now since I gave you a few points - I now want to rate the celebrity guest list according to my own excitement.

  • Jeffrey Combs  (Herbert West)
  • Bruce Abbott  (Dan Cain)
The Omen     
  • Harvey Stephens  (Damien Thorn)
Halloween 4   
  • Danielle Harris  (Jamie Lloyd)
  • George Wilbur  (Michael Myers)
  • Erik Preston  (Young Michael Myers)
Jeepers Creepers
  • Jonathan Breck  (The Creeper)
  • William Lustig  (Director)
  • Billy Bryan  (Stay Puff)
  • Mark Bryan Wilson (Slimer)
Dead Pit Radio (
  Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill
       These guys are phenomenal - A+ rating from me  

I will be writing a wrap up review weekend - so in the mean time: Beg, Borrow or Steal to get out to this event.

-- BB Out
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