Halloween II (1981)

Halloween II (1981)
  Directed by Rick Rosenthal

Mr. Sandman......Bring me a drink....

This sequel to Carpenter's  1978 classic Halloween starts off exactly were we left the small now not-so-quiet town of Haddonfield, Illinois.
The movie starts with Dr. Loomis shooting Michael "six times" and Laura Strode calling for the police.
After a 2 story fall, Loomis rushes to what would be - what should be - Michael's final resting place.

But there is just one small problem:

Michael is no where to be found...

As Laurie is carted off to a hospital - the local Mayberry task force start their investigation.  Even with this intense search for Michael - Myers is still able to create havoc for at least 3 neighbors in the area.
Loomis accompanied with the Sheriff Leigh Brackett are now hot on the trail in search for the Boogeyman.  Loomis spots this crazed madman walking the streets and after a struggle with the Sheriff to put an end to this monster - the sinister Myers meets his untimely death courtesy of a speeding police cruiser and a large explosion.

For those who witness this movie in 1981 - one could only imagine the sneers when the main character is put to rest less than 23 minutes after it started.  Lucky for us - there was a sale on Kirk masks because our superhero was victim of identify theft.

Myers now free and back to walking the streets has some unsettled business to attend to:  Laurie.

The same great camera pans and wide screen shots are utilized.  Great use of lightening and shadowing techniques are prevalent and POV angles are comparable with the first.  The story itself breaks away from the unknown and instead create a backdrop for the characters involved.  The one main ingredient that made Halloween a classic was the intense killing scenes that showed little blood or gore, this film however opted for a more realistic slaying atmosphere.  Blood and plenty of it as well as an epic scalding-drowning scene leaves the viewer wanting more.  Unknown at the time it would be these types of killings that would dominate the box offices for years to come. 
The film did exactly what it was intended to do: Tell a complete story - start to finish.  Halloween II gave us the reasons why Michael fancies Laurie and why he returned home.  The writers (Carpenter and Debra Hill) did a great job of blending the two movies together to form a story worthy of any late night camp fire.  Even with all of this in mind - the fact still remains that no matter how hard I try I have to compare this to the 1978 classic - and so I leave you tonight with my rating:

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
4.5 out of 5
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