Dead Space: Downfall (2008)

Dead Space: Downfall (2008)

A video recording of a female office is playing and the message's contents are not favorable.  The officer warns those who watch the tape that the Ishimura and the Artifact must be destroyed.  Immediately the story goes back in time to decipher this message and its true meaning.  A mining ship sent to discover resources on other planets comes across some unreadable text on a large rock.  The rock it determined by the mining ships researcher to be an ancient artifact.  This artifact would become the entire backbone of the movie.
The Church of Unitology sends there crew aboard the USG Ishimura to locate and return this religious marker to the planet Earth.  Upon the Ishimura's arrival a strange increase in violent crime erupts.  The crew however has only one mission - return the artifact at all costs.  As Ishimura determines the best method and path for removal - their on-board computers show the population is dwindling faster than originally discovered.  The crew of the USG must now determine if the efforts to retrieve the Marker outweighs the consequences of the planet aggressive nature.
A team of highly trained officers are sent sent out to determine the root cause.
By watching monitors it is soon discovered that a group of Necromorphs are the reason for homicides and suicides on the planet and it becomes just a matter of time before the ship's security is breached.  The movie then follows this specialist group's attempt to either eradicate the threat or become one of its victims.

I will be the first to point out that I am not versed well enough into the anime
films to critique, so instead my review will be based solely on the horror aspects of the film, any anime reviews might be found on Otaku Stew's website.
The premise of the story is quite interesting - an unknown planet is being attacked by a form of body snatchers that are set to rid its world of all humans.  The specialist team created to ward off the attacks is quite frankly Bad Ass.  Even though this is an anime movie there is absolutely no let down in regards to blood and guts.  The kill scenes are original - light saberish chainsaws - oh YES.  The "demons" or Necromorphs are quick moving and especially quick killing machines.  The dark settings of the Ishimura is perfect to set up very intense battles.  This movie will definitely spark interest with a non-gamer and pro-horror fan into picking up a controller and seeing what Dead Space has to offer.  This movie appears to have been made in the USA so the voice overlay was normal and the graphics were phenomenal.  I would recommend seeing this movie even if you are not a horror fan or if you are not a gamer.

 ***The lead female officer:  Alissa Vincent is portrayed by Nika Futterman.
You will recognize her voice because was the female vocals on The Offspring's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" - Give it to me baby!

Bloody Buckeye Rating:
3.5 out of 5
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