Dark Harvest (2004)

Dark Harvest (2004)
  Directed and Written By:  Paul Moore

It was 1932 and just like most farming communities in rural West Virginia the crop production was at best – sub-par.  As farmers’ struggled to make ends meet there was one exception – Elijah Baker.  Elijah’s farm was thriving – turning out great crop yields one after another – and the local townspeople were determined to find out how this relatively new farmer mastered the land.  The movie begins as Elijah is confronted by the local sheriff and deputy – in order to determine why Elijah’s wife was seen wondering around miles away from her homestead.  Quickly they determine Elijah’s secret – he is a cold blooded killer.  Fast forward to present day (2004?) – Sean Connell, the great grandson of the notorious Elijah Baker, inherits the small deserted farm in West Virginia.  Sean and friends make the trip out for a week to determine if this inheritance is something he will keep and pass on to future generations or is the farm’s dark past too much?
Upon receiving this DVD the front cover immediately grabbed my attention – a nice portrait of a deranged scarecrow.  Well unfortunately this would be were my excitement would peak.  This is one of the worst horror-slasher films that I have ever seen.  It is evident that the budget was next to nothing and the talent pool in which the actors were chosen was even smaller.  The production aspects were quite comical – horrid lighting, terrible sound quality, pathetic effects, and the worst aspect was the use of 1 camera angle throughout the whole movie.  The acting was worse than any Thanksgiving play at your local elementary school.  The actors/actresses clearly read from cue cards the entire movie and the writing was even worse.  One-liners were written unnatural and rough flowing.  The interaction between the cast was uneasy and hard to follow.  The overall movie was a disaster from start to finish - even the credits had horrible as they showed cut scenes from the movie.  The only thing going for this movie is that the viewer will continue to watch much like a car wreck to see how bad it gets.  Was this movie suppose to be a goof on horror or did the writer really try to attempt a decent slasher film?

Bloody Buckeye Rating:

.5 of 5
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