Dark Harvest 2: The Maize

Dark Harvest 2: The Maize
  Directed by: Bill Cowell

Shy Walker (Bill Cowell) has a gift that allows him to see into the future and when the time is right the gift may just take over his life.  As a father of two, Shy encounters thoughts of his daughters being lost in a local corn “maize”.  With time ticking, he quickly heads to the local event only to prove his intuitions - that his daughters are indeed lost and in trouble.  Will Shy uncover the secrets of the “maize” or we he too succumb to its devilish nightmares

As the title suggests this movie is a follow-up to Dark Harvest and also like its predecessor this movie is horrible.  The DVD in which I own once again has the scarecrow on the front and once again he is never on screen.  This movie didn’t even have a scarecrow in it.  The acting was terrible, the sound quality was muffled, and the production and cutting appears to have been done by a 10 year old on a Commodore 64.  This is one of those movies in which words cannot describe how bad it actually is.  First thought – why create a movie off of a bad original and second – how in the hell can yours be worse?  Now some horrible movies create a buzz and a fan base (Troll 2), however this movie no matter how dedicated a fan you are will never even get a re-watch (assuming you completed the first run-through).  If you do watch this movie, make it into a drinking game.  Here some rules I came up with.
Drink When:
1)      Shy Walker has a flashback sequence
2)      Two little girls say the same line in unison
3)      You see cheesy CGI effects
1)      Drink through the entire duration of the scream scene performed by Shy’s daughter
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